About Us

We stand for the lonely. Those who found passion in this journey called life. We extend a hand to you where ever you are so you know; Ur.Not.Alone.

Our founders have a vision of the various way that we can connect, help, and build with those speceial ones. Whom valule love, honesty, creativity, and a undying will to live life. Whether your are looking to build your sound, support our message, or love our merch. We welcome you and are glad to connect with your life!

Custom Music  Experiences

Find the sound for the songs that have been stuck in your head to life! Our vocal preset are made to help music artists find and build their sound!

 We know what it’s like to have the perfect song, but struggle to get your voice sounding just right. Search no more we because Ur. Not. Alone. Our vocal presets come ready to use, so that you can save time and inspiration on creating the music you love.  

Building People & Their Skills

Let us help you tune your sound with our educational resources to make your music make memories that last forever!

No Distance Is too Far

No mattrer where you are in the world we are Ur Not Alone! Weather you need vocal presets or mixing and mastering service or training we are here for you! 





WE Got You Covered

Vocal Presets

Find your sound in an instant. Check out our Vocal Presets Today! Sample sounds are available so you can, hear before you buy! 

Online Tutorals

We value the time you put in and want to help you grow. Need help installing Vocal preset? Check out our youtube tutorials for DAW help. LET us to be apart of your daily learning routine!


U.N.A. MERch

 Help us spread the message of Ur.Not.Alone.(U.N.A.) by rocking our merch. Become a constant reminder to those around you that Ur.Not.Alone.

Exclusive Offer

Get 30% Off Your First Purchase over $50

We belive that eveything we have to offer is of vaule, and we know that you won’t regert a single buy! So heres a little incintive to get you started!